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Dream bus

Dream Bus is Okay Human’s first project. A short film about a fledgling salesman who meets a dubious character hawking dreams out of a school bus.

Coming early 2019.


Written & Directed by Steven W. Whisler

Starring Jordan Gelber & Chris Roberti

Director of Photography Nelson Vicens

Produced by Jared Hirsch, Jacquelyn Whisler, & Steven W. Whisler

Music by the Blair Brothers

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Upcoming projects


Let’s collaborate

Fresh off our first project, Okay Human is seeking new opportunities to collaborate and produce adventurous work that aligns with our tone and mission.

We value diverse voices and people, and are looking for new opportunities across media.

Hit us up below if you have something that may pique our interest.



Okay Human Productions is an independent film and media production studio based in Philadelphia, USA. We believe in telling beautiful stories that question -- and often tease -- the very silly creatures that human beings are.

Okay Human's first project -- a short film entitled Dream Bus -- is premiering at film festivals around the world in Spring 2019. More projects are currently in the works so please keep a very wary eye out.

Okay Human is led by writer Steven W. Whisler and a growing cohort of talented filmmakers, creatives, and other disreputable sorts.

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Okay Human is a subsidiary of SW Whisler LLC